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a collective of brewery partners


a collective of brewery partners

We brew the best

Beer Around.

Are we a brewery, a bottler
or a distributor? Well, yes.


Brunswick Bierworks is all of these things and more. We are a collective of brewery partners who focus on collaboration and innovation, while our obsession for quality and freshness means superb craft beer with every bottle produced.

Our brewing capacity is 100% dedicated to helping local and global brewery partners produce high-quality, small to medium batch beers for the Ontario market.

Brunswick Bierworks assists existing breweries to satisfy demand by providing additional production, as well as acting as a start-up incubator for new breweries.

We provide our brewery partners direct access to National and International markets with fresh product, brewed to your exact specifications under the supervision of your Brewery’s Brewmaster. Our facility also provides a wide variety of packaging options as well as the ability to distribute directly from our brewery.

Who better to help represent your brand and sell your craft beer than Brunswick Bierworks?


Partnership Brewing

It's a craft in

Collaboration is
our secret ingredient.


We believe in working closely with our partners in order to brew the very best artisanal beers.

As a brewer yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to innovate by launching seasonals and one-off brews through our pilot brewhouse. You can also expand your distribution through our network, as well as create unique and rewarding customer experiences.

Our model allows brewers to grow without the capital costs of building a new brewery, or the incremental expenses associated with freight which inevitably drives up the end retail price.

Our relationship with our partner breweries begins in our brewery – naturally, over a beer. It’s here that we explore market opportunities, as well as discuss priorities and values for both the brewer and the brewery.

We work as a team to establish packaging requirements, sales & marketing strategies, a route to market & distribution plan, plus additional export opportunities.

Within The Brunswick network, we encourage collaborations among our partners. Brewers from around the globe can come together to pioneer truly innovative beers. These brews can be everything from limited-run offerings to national distribution beers destined for select domestic export markets.

We’re proud to foster growth, applaud brand engagement and inspire ambition. 

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Brewing Services

Brewing Services


Everything beyond
the brew. 


Brunswick Bierworks will brew your product to the standards of quality and freshness your beer deserves. But there’s more to it than beer. Almost as important are great, attention-getting packaging options – and we can certainly help with that.

In addition to brewing and packaging, Brunswick Bierworks also offers brewer services in recipe development, marketing, sales and government relations.

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