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Partner Brewing.
It’s What We Do 


Our brewery is dedicated to local and global brewery partners producing high-quality beer for the Canadian and International markets.

We provide our brewery partners direct access to National and International markets with fresh product, brewed to exacting specifications under the supervision of your Brewery’s Brewmaster. As a partner brewer, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your product to consumers the way it is meant to be enjoyed, fresh. Our brewery provides an opportunity to innovate, develop recipes and launch seasonal brands in market through our pilot brewhouse. You can create unique and rewarding customer experiences in our taproom and event space.




Two brewhouses, world class packaging lines

The Art Of Beer.
Your Beer.


Craft brewing has never been so high-tech. Our open concept brewery consists of a fully automated Main Brewhouse for larger production, while our pilot system can be utilized for recipe development, one-off brews and smaller batch seasonal beers. Our state-of-the-art automated brewhouse and production equipment has been custom built by the finest manufacturers of beer equipment in the world. 




The Can Revolution 

The quality and efficiency showcased by our 24-head rotary canning line is the innovation of Krones and gives us the ability to package a variety of can sizes at a rate of over 200 cans per minute. 

Have a look at what the canning line looks like in action: 


Pour A Fresh Pint 

Specially designed and tailored to Brunswick Bierworks, our Gruber kegging line provides draught beer packaged to the highest quality.  We have the ability to package both steel kegs and plastic one-way kegs of all fittings for all markets.  Our direct distribution network creates an opportunity to showcase your core brands and seasonal brands to bars and restaurants with fresh draught beer.  





Where Can You Find Two Of The Best Brewing Minds In The World Under One Roof? 

Our Brewmaster: Lodewijk Swinkels 


As a seventh-generation family of brewers, Lodewijk grew up with beer spending many weekends and school vacations helping out in various roles at his family brewery, Bavaria.  After studying at the Technical University München at Weihenstephan, Lodewijk worked for 2 years as a brewer at Oudaen, a brewpub in Utrecht, where he developed his passion for the craft beer scene.  After his time at Oudaen, Lodewijk returned to the family brewery – Bavaria, where he worked in many different areas but never quite felt “at home”. 

So, when the opportunity arose to become the Brewmaster at Bierbrouwerij De Kroon, Lodewijk jumped at the chance - making Pilsners/bottom fermented beers in the traditional way.  After spending a number of years at De Kroon, Lodewijk was offered the Brewmaster role at De Koningshoeven Brewery (La Trappe) and the rest as they say, is history. 

Founded in 1884, La Trappe is one of only 11 Trappist breweries worldwide.  During Lodewijk’s career with La Trappe he created 5 of the brewery’s 8 current brands, winning multiple awards in beer competitions.  He also created La Trappe’s highly regarded barrel aging program producing exceptional beers on an exclusive basis that are sought out annually around the world. 

Lodewijk is a high performing award-winning brewing expert and is fluent in 3 languages.




His credentials are longer than his name. 

Meet Our Senior Brewing Advisor Christian Riemerschmid Von Der Heide 


If there’s one person whose brain you should tap, it’s our Senior Brewing Advisor, Christian Riemerschmid von der Heide, who has worked in the brewery and beverage industry for over 30 years and is a master brewer by profession, having brewed iconic brands from Augustiner in Munich to Guinness in Dublin.  

Christian holds a degree from the Technical University Munich at Weihenstephan, is the former president of the European Brewery Convention (EBC) and is an advisor to several brewery industry boards including the Hop Advisory Board (Gesellschaft fuer Hopfenforschung), European Beer Start, the Master Brewers Association of Americas (MBAA) and the American Society of Brewery Chemists (ASBC). 




The Advantages 

The Benefits Of A Brunswick Brew. 

  1. Product freshness. 

  2. Direct delivery (an option only open to breweries producing locally in Ontario). 

  3. Increased activations in market. 

  4. Ability to establish the brand in our taproom and event space. 

  5. Opportunities to collaborate and brew beers with our other partners. 

  6. Seasonal and small batch limited release offerings. 

  7. Comprehensive quality testing and reporting from our in-house laboratory services. 

  8. Access to the newly opened grocery channel in Ontario. 


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