Brewing at

Your brewery
away from home. 


Ours is a new approach to brewing, with a focus on innovation, quality and growth. For you, it’s like being at home in your own brewhouse without having to own it. Our purpose is to nurture your beer and do what’s best for your brand. 

We enable breweries to expand distribution in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Together, we can work to establish packaging requirements, sales & marketing strategies, a route to market and a distribution plan, as well as the ability to explore new export opportunities. 

The beer is always brewed to your exact specifications, then delivered to your customers the only way it should be - fresh.

In short, Partner Brewing at Brunswick Bierworks offers a full roster of advantages to breweries looking to grow their presence in the Canadian market, to reach new customers and to showcase innovative craft brews.


The benefits of a
Bierworks brew.

1.   Product freshness.
2.   Direct delivery (an option only open to breweries producing locally in Ontario).
3.   Increased activations in market.
4.   Ability to establish the brand in our taproom, bottle shop and event space.
5.   Opportunities to collaborate and brew beers with our other partners.
6.   Seasonal and small batch limited release offerings.
7.   Laboratory services and reporting on all beer produced.

8.  Access to the newly opened grocery channel in Ontario.

9. We don't compete with you like other brewers will.


Brewhouse &

State-of-the art, 
brewing systems.


Craft brewing has never been so high-tech. Our open concept brewery consists of an advanced 50 HL Brewhouse for larger production, while a super-modern 20 HL pilot system is used for recipe development, one-off brews and smaller batch seasonal beers. The Brewhouse and all production equipment has been manufactured by NSI, one of the finest manufacturers of beer equipment in the world.


● Brand Building – Develop and recommend brand platform and positioning.

● Marketing – Support strategy and execution of marketing plans.

● Labels/Packaging – Advise on all labeling and packaging requirements by market.

● Point-of-Sale Creation – Develop paper and permanent point-of-sale items.

● On and Off-Premise Promotions – Design and execute promotional programs.

● Special Events – Participate in special events to drive trial and brand awareness.

● Sponsorships – Secure relevant sponsorships to generate awareness.

● Public Relations – Develop PR plans and attract media coverage.

● Media Plans – Assist in strategy and placement for:
   TV, Radio, Print, Out-of-Home and other advertising opportunities.

From brewhouse
to shelf.


Your fresh beer is worthy of fresh branding. Led by experienced marketers and brand-builders, our Brunswick Bierworks team can assist with the creation and execution of all your marketing and branding activations.


& Sales

● Sales Team – Professional and effective sales team with National coverage.

● Sales Support – Custom sales tools to communicate effectively your brand story.

 Liquor Board Relations – Maintain relationships with category managers at various
   liquor boards to drive brand listings, as well as maintain relationships at store level.

● Measure and Track – Create customized sales reports.

● Government Affairs – Update manufacturer on Provincial level government issues.

● Cross-Promotion – Explore relevant partnerships.

● Pricing Strategy – Develop optimal price recommendations.

● Sales Incentives – Design programs to increase focus and selling priorities.

● Competitive Analysis – Assess competitive threats and address opportunities.


We brewed it together,
let’s sell it together.


We love to taste success with our partners. Brunswick Bierworks has built an established sales team that, together with your input, can help gain distribution points, in addition to getting your brand listed in targeted on and off-premise accounts.

Taproom &

Our guests are your customers.


Sampling has never been simpler. Our facilities include the Bierworks Taproom, enabling your brewery to showcase & sample your new brews to our visitors. Meanwhile, our Bottle Shop focuses on takeaway purchases of craft growlers, single cans and six packs. Our event space also provides an opportunity to activate your brand in whichever creative way you choose. Doors open summer 2017.